Famous Theologians From Around The World

Famous Theologians from all around the world include people who died while supporting the gospel or those who are still alive. These theologians hold prestigious places in the history of their countries and that of the world at large. Here is a list which highlights the most prominent in their decreasing orders.


Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI was of service as a pope for a couple of years. His theological works in the Christian can be traced from 2005 up to 2013 when he issued a resignation to relieve himself of his duties as a pope. His first experiences where in Bavaria where he became a priest. He was also as a professor of theology in 1958. He was an Archbishop at Munich from 1977.


Albert Schweitzer


Albert Schweitzer was a German theologian before transferring to France. He also worked as a medical doctor in some of the countries in Africa. Besides, he also taught about the historic works of Jesus. He earned an accolade dubbed ‘Reverence for Life.’


Martin Luther


Martin Luther hailed from Germany where he taught theology as a professor, priest and more. He opposed some of the ways used by Catholics to preach the Word of God. He was also against the preaching that compared God’s Grace for sinners with money.


John Calvin


John Calvin was a Protestant pastor in France where he was born. He supported natural herb to help sleep. He came up with detailed information on Christian theology and named it Calvinism. His theological works in the Calvinism entailed preaching on salvation for mankind, life after death. He also wrote many pieces on apologetics.


John Wesley


John Wesley was specifically aligned towards Anglican theology. He is the great mind behind Methodism alongside his colleague George Whitefield and his brother Charles Wesley. He fuelled the holiness that now exists among Pentecostals. He worked at Lincoln College after which he became a priest.


Desiderius Erasmus


Desiderius Roterodamus was a priest and also educated various groups of people on theology. He was fond of the Latin dialect. This man was renowned for protecting the interests of humanists. Importantly, he was among the few people who translated the New Testament in Greek and Latin. He wrote books such as The Praise of Folly, On Free Will and more.


Søren Kierkegaard


Søren Aabye Kierkegaard made its way to being a prominent person through teaching and supporting Danish philosophy. Besides, he had a passion for theology. He was also a writer of religious books, poet and much more.


Avery Dulles


Avery served in the Catholic church as a cardinal as well as a priest. He was also interested in studying theology where he taught as a Professor at Fordham University.


Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Dietrich Bonhoeffer decided to remain loyal to Lutheran theology where he was as a pastor in German communities. He was also an author of books such as The Cost of Discipleship in Christianity. These works are still relevant till date with much relevance to the secular world. He was also known for objecting oppression of citizens by powerful governments.


Reinhold Niebuhr


He was a theologian in America. Reinhold had interests in politics. Besides, he also wrote books such as The Nature and Destiny Man and more.


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